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Highlight in the life of a company

Events are a highlight in the life of a company. Every day since 1997, Compagnie Meeting, located in Paris, has shared its know-how and expertise with its clients in event communication with the leitmotiv "people at the heart of the company."

Listening to each client

For each client, Compagnie Meeting creates a tailor made event integrating the culture and history of the company.

For each project we assign a single contact in order to establish a true relationship of partners.

The complementarity and transversality of our core skills enable us to build a 360° event strategy by using other communication Mix tools such as Buzz, street marketing and viral marketing.


French Emotion has the objective of professional rigor throughout the chain of action: from the company brief, via reflection, creation and implementation right up to the end of the operation.

In its strategic and creative recommendations, French Emotion goes the extra mile by offering pre-tests and post-tests (internal and/or external) to enhance the impact of your event communication.

The added value of French Emotion comes from being a friendly-sized company which maintains close ties with its clients over the entire duration of the event to ensure guaranteed success.

Internal events

> Conventions, seminars and product launches,
> Sales force seminars, national meetings, internal conventions,
> Subcommittee workshops,
> Cyclical meetings, regional meetings,
> E-meetings...

Mixed events

> Open days,
> Incentive trips,
> Road show,
> Gala evenings,
> Anniversaries,
> inaugurations,
> Official events...

External events

> Forums/Meetings,
> Conferences,
> Commercial events,
> Promotional tours,
> Symposiums,
> General Assemblies,
> Press conferenes,
> Exhibitions, trade shows, stands...

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